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Clementine Mandarin

The clementine (Citrus clementina) is a variety of mandarin. Like the tangerine, it’s a sweet, easy to peel citrus fruit. You can distinguish it from a tangerine by its slightly smaller size, brighter orange color, and smoother, shinier skin. It’s also even easier to peel than a tangerine because the skin is thinner.


Clementines are more cold tolerant than larger orange varieties, and they, too, are available from November through April.

Health benefits

Clementines contain biologically active substances, carotenoids, minerals and bioflavonoids and a large amount of vitamin C.

The benefits of clementines for the body: increased immunity, improvement of heart function and strengthening of blood vessels, improved appetite and digestive function, positive effect on vision, general stimulation and strengthening of the body, mood improvement, prevention of depression, improvement of condition of problematic skin, elimination of dandruff.


Clementine’s juice and essential oil have a strong dermatological effect. They are recommended for the treatment of scars, warts, stretch marks, psoriasis, cellulite and seborrhea.