Organic Farming

Citrus Organicus is a pesticide and genetically modified free farm, run by Fanariotis family. Our produce is officially certified organic by DIO.

For us, organic farming goes beyond business; it is our true life philosophy. It is the way we take care of our land, our crops and nature; the way we take care of ourselves, our friends and consumers.

We strongly embrace both sustainable and organic farming. We believe that both need to lie at the heart of agriculture as key factors in nature preservation and famine alleviation.


Producing high quality organic citrus whilst maintaining a safe and sustainable environment for next generations is a balance we strive to achieve every single day.

We stand up against genetically modified farming and crops.

We do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. We nourish our land purely with natural and organic fertilisers, harmless for the human body, flora and fauna.



We keep ourselves updated with the latest alternative agriculture trends. We also try to apply the best methods and practices found in organic, biodynamic and homeodynamic farming.

We work closely and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow organic growers, agronomists and organic farming researchers.

If you are interested in learning more about how we treat our trees and land, get in touch here.