Orange is the fruit we love and cherish the most for its high nutritional value, its delicate aroma and versatility. We are committed to organic farming and we happily supply the Greek and foreign markets with a wide range of orange varieties, following seasonal patterns.

In our organic orange groves, you can find juicy and sweet Valencia oranges, ideal for juice.

Sweet, crispy and aromatic Navel which are delicious to eat and make wonderful preserves and marmalades.

Also, some new special varieties which we are looking forward to share with you.


All our oranges are certified organic by DIO, the Greek Organic Produce Agent.

If you love oranges as much as we do, you can visit our blog for mouthwatering recipes of preserves, marmalades, orange cakes and tarts!

Our oranges can also be used in producing high quality organic essential oils and cosmetics.

You can inquire on our oranges, exports or order here.