Our mandarins hold a special place in our hearts. They are sweet and juicy, pure and extremely wholesome.

We want our trees to feel comfortable in their earth environment, so we always choose varieties that are at peace with the area’s micro-climate and the soil’s character.

In our citrus family compound, you can find sweet and seedless Clementines, delicious, crispy and juicy Novas, as well as succulent Hortanique or Melia, coming from the word meli which means honey in Greek.

Lately, we have developed a soft spot for traditional but neglected varieties such as the Greek Mandarin.


Mandarin lovers can visit our blog for mouthwatering recipes of preserves, marmalades, cakes and tarts.

All our varieties are certified organic by the Greek Organic Produce Agent, DIO.

Our mandarins can also be used in producing high quality organic essential oils and cosmetics.

If you are interested in importing our mandarins, inquire on our exports or just say hello, drop us a line here.