Music for our plants!

Hello pals!

We have been extremely busy at the grove with winter preparations and some spring planning.

These days we are looking for ways to take care of our trees in a more natural way without using fertilisers. We have been thinking to plant some flowers around and in the groves to give a boost to our oranges and mandarins. I ‘ll tell you more about this in another post.

Really, what has got into my mind is music! I have been thinking a lot about music in relation to plants and how it can help them grow and flourish. I have been researching in books and on the internet about this kind of mystical and amazing connection.

Dorothy Retallack did a lot of experiments and wrote a book about the relation of plants and music back in the 1970s, named The Sound of Music and Plants. She found that the best music to play if you wish to help plants grow is soothing, positive music.

Plants don’t like harsh, heavy, angry or discordant sounds. They prefer traditional classical music such as work by the composer, J S Bach or smooth and melodic jazz music, such as material by Louis Armstrong.

Certain styles of World Music, such as Indian sitar music was also found to have a positive effect. But play it for three or four hours. Longer than this, the effects are negative, whatever style of music is played.

I ‘ll leave you with a fusion of waltz and jazz. It sounds perfect for our trees!

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Adopt a plant!

Hello friends!

Long time no see! Summer is over here in Greece and we have all got back to work and our ordinary life rhythms.

There are some exciting finds I would like to share with you here; one is the Wayward Plants Organisation, based in London, UK. What people do there is find the perfect parents for unwanted plants and also convert underutilised land and interim spaces into community gardens.

The organisation keeps a long list of artists, landscape designers, architects and guerrilla gardeners, who all work together to create imaginative green community spaces.

I totally adore their ideas and I find their website very inspiring.

Go have a look and don’t forget to browse their blog; my favourite post is Wayward Plant Stories.

See you!

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a bag for 60 days!

This bag is made of flax-viscose non-woven fabric coming from industrial waste and lives only for 60 days!

It starts to naturally decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded, which means that it doesn’t require to be recycled or disposed in landfills.

What we also find attractive is how simple, natural and stylish this super bag is!

Made in Poland!

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Simple organic fashion

Being organic is not only about food; it is a way of living. Also, a way to get dressed.

Organic is one of our favourite clothing brands.

It was created by John Patrick in 2oo7. John is constantly travelling around the Globe in search for organic textiles, organic cotton farms and mills.

He also uses materials such as recycled wood, organic alpaca and silk.

What we mostly love about his collections are the simple, classic and preppy lines that follow fully the simplicity and rawness of his organic materials.

He also empowers local communities by supporting them through fair trade projects.

His favourite motto is sometimes less is more and we can’t but just give him thumbs up!

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