Summer smoothie

Make this delicious summer smoothie using 225 gr assorted summer berries, juice of 1 orange, 1/2 watermelon and 4 ice cubes.

Put the orange juice and berries in the blender and blend until smooth. Add the watermelon and blend again. Add the ice cubes and blend until smooth.


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a bag for 60 days!

This bag is made of flax-viscose non-woven fabric coming from industrial waste and lives only for 60 days!

It starts to naturally decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded, which means that it doesn’t require to be recycled or disposed in landfills.

What we also find attractive is how simple, natural and stylish this super bag is!

Made in Poland!

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Homemade tea ice cubes

Make your ice cubes with your favorite tea instead of water. You will have full-flavoured iced tea instead of watered-down tea.

Take a little extra time to make the ice cubes a little more special.

Small slices of orange, lemon, or lime added to your ice cube sections before pouring the tea in will look beautiful when frozen and will add extra flavor to your tea as the ice cube melts.

For Blueberry Tea Cubes, add 2 blueberries to each section of your ice tray before pouring the tea in.

For Orange Tea Cubes, zest an orange into long strips. Add a strip of orange zest to each section of your ice tray. Pour the tea in and freeze.

For Strawberry Tea Cubes, add small pieces of strawberry to the sections of the ice tray before freezing.

For Apple Tea Cubes, add small chunks of apple with the peel left to your ice cube sections before pouring apple or any fruit tea into the tray.

For Ginger Tea Cubes, use a zester that makes long thin strips of ginger to liven up ginger tea ice cubes.

For Pineapple Tea Cubes, add small pieces of pineapple to your ice cube trays before filling with the tea.

Have fun with your ice cubes. The options are limitless.

From the book The Ultimate Tea Diet.

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Simple organic fashion

Being organic is not only about food; it is a way of living. Also, a way to get dressed.

Organic is one of our favourite clothing brands.

It was created by John Patrick in 2oo7. John is constantly travelling around the Globe in search for organic textiles, organic cotton farms and mills.

He also uses materials such as recycled wood, organic alpaca and silk.

What we mostly love about his collections are the simple, classic and preppy lines that follow fully the simplicity and rawness of his organic materials.

He also empowers local communities by supporting them through fair trade projects.

His favourite motto is sometimes less is more and we can’t but just give him thumbs up!

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Aromatherapy with orange essential oil

The essential oil of orange is a refreshing essential oil that helps in depression and lack of energy. It is also ideal for stress relief.

It is extremely good for skin treatment as it is highly rich in d-limonene. D-limonene is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintaining normal cell regeneration.

The essential oil of orange can be good for people who tend to be perfectionist and workaholic. Also, for those who suffer from physical or mental fatigue.

:: For energy, positiveness and enthusiasm, add 5 drops in water in the room aromatherapy diffuser.

:: Start your day with an energy boost by adding 1 drop in a wet sponge in your shower.

:: While you bath children, add 2 drops in the tub.

:: To scent your room, add 30 drops in water and spray around.

:: Create a wonderful facial oil that will make your skin radiating by adding 7 drops of orange essential oil and 6 drops of geranium essential oil in 50ml of wild rose oil. Apply on face and neck before you go to bed.

:: To make your sweets fragrant of orange, add 4 drops per 500gr of cake dough. Also, 2 drops per 1 litre of ice cream or sorbet.

Mix this wonderful essential oil with other essential oils such as cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, neroli and sandalwood.

note! consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant.

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We love breakfast!

Breakfast is cool and fun. Be creative by mixing different ingredients, especially fruits, nuts and seeds. This is a recipe for a breakfast drink that will provide you with energy to start your day.

We need 1 banana, 1/2 mango, juice of 1 orange, 2 tablespoons wheatmeal, 1 tablespoons sesame seeds and 3 teaspoons honey.

We put the mango, banana and orange juice in the blender and blend until smooth. We add the sesame seeds and wheatmeal and blend again until smooth.

Cool it in the fridge or enjoy it as such!

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Citrus Organicus Blog is here!

We start this blog with a super yummy recipe of orange and peanut butter cookies. Well, i am true lover of oranges and peanut butter. I like the combination of sweet, sour and nutty.

So, friends get ready, grab a pen {or pencil} and write down the ingredients.

We need

125g butter, softened

100g sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

75g peanut butter

Grated rind of 1 small orange

50ml orange juice

300gr plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

We will also need two baking sheets and a wire rack to cool our cookies.

What we do

We preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas mark 4. Lightly grease two baking sheets.

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg, peanut butter, orange rind and juice. Sift the flour and baking powder together and beat into mixture.

Drop rounded tablespoons of the dough, spaced well apart on to the baking sheets. Flatten slightly with the back spoon.

Bake until golden, 18-20 minutes. Cool on the baking sheets for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Enjoy with a glass of freshly pressed organic orange juice!

recipe found and tasted in cookies galore

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